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We thank all our patients for their support and kind words

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The following was hand-delivered by Jack Chulingarian, October16, 2020.


Suha Mumcuoglu Testimonial

Please read the PDF testimonial offered by patient Timothy Gorsuch. It ends with the sentence... "I can’t begin to thank you enough for helping me, and for your commitment to the profession and to the community."

The following from a Ms. Taylor. She sent this email through our Contact Us Form on this website, and is just one of dozens of letters of support received by Dr. Dall.

Name: Susan Lynn Taylor
Comments: I sent this to the Journal Sentinel tonight (Sunday 3/14/10).

I read "An RX for bias"? in Sunday's Journal Sentinel focusing, in part, on Dr. Tara Dall's speaking engagements funded by GlaxoSmithKline. My husband is himself a doctor and a patient of Dr. Dall and, in her defense, I'd like to offer the following.

First, three years ago my husband almost had a stroke due to his high cholesterol and high blood pressure. He was seeing an excellent physician that was part of a large healthcare group. However, this physician, and all others, lacked the expertise Dr. Dall had from her 12 years studying cardiology and lipidology. After an exam and diagnosis, she changed my husband's statin from a generic one to a brand name since the research showed greater efficacy. It reduced his cholesterol from 220 to 118!

Then, she prescribed another drug to reduce his bad cholesterol and increase his good cholesterol. It did! Finally, she recommended a fish oil supplement, the removal of red meat from his diet, and a cardiovascular exercise program. She never told him he had to buy GlaxoSmithKline's fish oil product.

I am grateful for Dr. Dall's expertise and her attention and care of my husband.

I have recommended Dr. Dall and her staff to everyone one of my family and friends that need this kind of treatment.  KC

I have been obese for most of my life.  Finding Dr. Dall at age 56; a new way to gain my health back and lose weight at the same time has changed my life.  I tell everyone I know about the miracles Dr. Dall is working for her patients.  She is an angel in disguise that has finally given me hope.   DN

I appreciate that Dr. Dall truly listens to me and allows me to work together with her and my primary care physician.  She is terrific; bubbly personality and a lovely person too!  LL

This is the best program you could have started for us women that need this kind of help!  KC

Dr Dall was worth waiting for – I felt understood.  AS

Dr. Dall on "JumboTron" in both Times Square and in Las Vegas
and featured in a news story about the NMR LipoProfile. This article contains two strong testimonials of the care provided by Dr. Dall and Advanced Lipidology.









Below is an email and a poem written by a member of
Leticia Hoisington's Healthy Lifestyle Class.

Hi Leticia,

Here is the poem I wrote. I appreciate that you want to share this with others. Wow, that makes my day!!

Thanks again for your wonderful words that encourage and challenge. You taught me more in six weeks than all my years of dieting, reading the latest fads, and other classes ever taught.

See you next month!

God Bless,
Susan Giesie

Below is a lovely note from one of Joan Anderson's happy patients,
and a thank you from another patient after the Read My Lipids Class

Sandra Tully Testimonial

Mark Menzel



A Personal Story...

Although I have always had to work very hard to manage my weight, when I hit 40, my metabolism slowed to a halt.  I began to gain 15 – 20 lbs per year.   I was retaining so much fluid that my hands and feet hurt daily.  I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t tie my own shoes!  If I sat down on the floor, I was not sure that I could get back up.  I was weak, in pain, constantly tired and hungry, and felt like an old woman at 44 years old.

So, I began looking for help.  I went everywhere and spent lots of money.  One doctor said, “We know what the problem is; we just don’t know what to do about it.”  By the time I met Dr Dall, I was desperate.  Dr. Dall and her team not only understood what was going on in my metabolism, they helped me to get it working again.  With lots of work, medicine, and lifestyle changes I lost 30 lbs in less than 6 months!  My pain was gone and I started to feel better.

In addition, through an advanced lipid blood test they uncovered a cholesterol problem that did not show up in the traditional cholesterol blood test.  Because of this advanced blood test, I am able to get the preventative care that I need to prevent a future heart attack or a stroke.

Thanks to Dr. Dall and her team, I am feeling better, growing stronger, and getting healthier!

               ~ Susan Schissel ~