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Some Outside Resources


Avancmd.org At AvanceMD, your path to great health and longevity is simple with the best family medicine physicians and specialists, comprehensive primary care services and a group of health care providers who value your time, your experience and your health beyond our office.

Klaire Labs, A ProThera, Inc. Brand

Mayo Medical Laboratories Value-based medicine is here, and the laboratory is an essential player in driving quality and cost-effectiveness throughout the continuum of care.

Lecturepad.org For physicians and other health care providers (free registration required).

LabCorp purchased LipoScience in November 2014. In cooperation with them Dr. Dall is making the following videos available. Click Here.



Supplement Resources

Designs for Health Vegecleanse and Vegelean body 2 week programs highly recommended Designs for health direct link to get my extra discounts : Patient Registration

When ordering for the first time,one needs to create an account. Enter the below Practitioner Code when prompted.


The first time order discount code is: FIRST25 Enter at checkout where the extra discount applied.

HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL SUPPLEMENTS recommended by Dr. Tara Dall. Receive 10 % off all products through this link. Dr. Dall active private practice patients receive full 20 % discount. Confused about which vitamin or omega 3 to take feel free to reach out via our “Contact Us” form and Dr. Dall will provide specific recommendations for you. Email will come from Fullscript.

Xymogen: https://www.xymogen.com/ Prefessional supplements only available through physician. Contact Us for Patient Code.

Laboratory Resources

Salveo https://salveodiagnostics.com/ Stool testing, cardiovascular testing and food allergy testing. LDL P through electrophoresis technology (NMR not currently available) Stool and Cardiovascular is billed to insurance with reasonable small copay for uncovered services. Food allergy testing is not billable to insurance.

Boston heart lab https://bostonheartdiagnostics.com/

Cleveland heart lab Cleveland Heart Lab. Advanced cardiovascular and diabetes assessment offered at small copay /test for those with insurance coverage. Medicare is typically covered in full on most tests if medically necessary. Lab draw centers or in house phlebotomy offered for an additional fee

Genova laboratory https://www.gdx.net/ Dr Dall can order comprehensive stool analysis shipped anywhere in the US and many locations around the globe. Genova also offers nutrient testing and many other panels.

Spectrocell https://www.spectracell.com/ Dr Dall can arrange to have micronutrient testing done at a location near you. This company also offers competitive cash pricing for cardiovascular and diabetes panels. Currently those with insurance pay $45 copay. No insurance cost is $110 (October 2017). Medicare is usually covered in full. They also offer telomere testing which is unique to this company.

Precision Analytics https://dutchtest.com/ This is a very useful urine test for comprehensive analysis of hormone and adrenal status. Go to their website for more details. Patients can order this testing directly and have Dr. Dall review results.

Methylgenetic nutrition http://gettoknowyourdna.com/ Dr Dall offers free analysis of “23 and me” direct to consumer testing for current annual concierge patients, other patients can also receive ala carte services to have this reviewed. Contact Us for more information.

Another company with options for genetic analysis for weight management, exercise performance and optimal aging is Genetic Direction https://geneticdirection.com/. Dr Dall has access to discounted testing and can offer full analysis of this testing. Great option if you already have raw genome file but need further interpretation for optimal aging, weight management. Genetics companies generally are not able to bill to insurance. Pricing is 200-300 depending on the panel ordered.

Kashi clinical laboratory http://kashilab.com/ Genetic testing with an excellent weight management panel. This is not covered by insurance. Dr. Dall would order the saliva test which is then shipped to your home. No blood testing necessary.

Doctors Data https://www.doctorsdata.com/ offers plasma methylation pathway testing helpful for patients with known MTHFR mutations. Also offering stool testing to fully assess gut microbiome and toxin screens. Competitive cash pricing for those without insurance coverage for stool testing.

http://www.professional-health-products.com/ Dr Dall is able to order products for you at a discount for current patients. Call our office today to find out more.

Lab Corp https://www.labcorp.com/ does offer NMR testing which is one of the tests Dr. Dall recommends you have analyzed for both cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessment.







Tara Dall