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Welcome to Advanced Lipidology


In conjunction with LipoScience Dr. Dall is making
available two videos on LDL particles and how they
can invade the cardio-vascular wall and form plaque.

Depending on your browser (especially if IE) the video below may need
to be clicked once to activate the controls and again to play the video.

The first video is a very brief, 39 second, video that illustrates an LDL particle flowing through an aretery and then invading the arterial wall and then expanding and forming plaque. Click Here.

The second video is a bit longer, about 140 seconds, and is a more detailed display of the process of how particles can for plaque in your arteries. Click Here.

They are both very well done, and surely worth your time.






Tara Dall
Tara L. Dall, MD
Medical Director

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