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Archived Content
Here we hope you will find gems from past postings.

From time to time we post stuff on our homepage that is great and belongs there for awhile, but after some time it "ages" and is no longer appropriate for a homepage. Still, much of it is worthy of more that just being trashed. "Archived Content" is where things are kept in which we think you might find some interest.

Watch two CBS 5 videos out of San Francisco. Dr. Dall is part of a Reno (NV) Project to save firefighters lives and save money with advanced testing.

Reno Gambling on Disease Prevention (Dr. Dall at 1:42 of 2:35)
Reno First Responders Test Innovative Long-term Health Strategy (Dr. Dall at :35 of 3:03)
Both videos require Flash®, so these videos are not for mobile Apple™ devices.

Publications by Dr. Dall and Staff

Dr. Dall has Omega-3 article published in Southern Medical Journal (March. 2009)
Dr. Dall is featured in an ad in the Journal of Clinical Lipidology (Dec. 2008)
Vitamin D: Merging Research into a Clinical Lipid Practice (Summer 2008)
  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Insulin Resistance and Lipids
(Winter 2007/2008)

Dr. Dall on "JumboTron" in both Times Square and in Las Vegas
and featured in a news story about the NMR LipoProfile.







In November 2008 we had Olympian Medallist Shawn Johnson, Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm participate in our first Open House. Both Morgan and Paul are patients at Advanced Lipidology. You will need broadband and it might be slow to load at first, but enjoy our slide show from that event. Click Here.